Supernova LE


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Digital artwork

Limited edition of 50 pieces

Inclusive canvas (individual size)

Available size between 40 x 30cm (15,7″ x 11,8″) and 146,7 x 110cm (57,7″ x 43,3″)

Seal of authenticity included (shipped seperately)

Country of origin: Germany

Additional duties, taxes, and charges for the material value may incur depending on your destination

Supernova LE

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106,7cm x 80cm (42" x 31,5"), 120cm x 90cm (47,3" x 35,4"), 133,3cm x 100cm (52,5" x 39,4"), 146,7cm x 110cm (57,8" x 43,3"), 40cm x 30cm (15,7" x 11,8"), 53,3cm x 40cm (21" x 15,8"), 66,7cm x 50cm (26,3" x 19,7"), 80cm x 60cm (31,5" x 23,6"), 93,3cm x 70cm (36,7" x 27,6")


Black, White, None


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